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Adwoa G.

"I'm also a massage therapist, and it can be tough to find another therapist who's a good fit. Andy is a miracle worker, and a godsend for folks in industries that are hard on the body. On my most recent visit, she was able to resolve a nagging hip/low back injury that I've been working around for months. Cannot recommend her more highly."

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Liz G.

"I drove 100 miles to have Andy work her magic on me and it was worth every mile. She is simply special and her style has spoiled me forever. Please treat yourself to a session on her table."


Amelia E.

"I cannot see anyone else now- even when I travel to top-rated spas from St. Helena to Tokyo...she really can’t be beat! She will be fully present, listen to you, and listen to your body. Healing hands!"

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