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Andy Blum

Owner & Massage Therapist, Body Altar Massage

After graduating from college, I followed my calling to the Florida School of Massage in 2004. 19 years later, my fascination with the power of this work continues to grow by the day. 

My style ranges from deep work like myofascial release and trigger point massage to postural analysis, structural bodywork, cupping and gua sha (instrumented assisted soft tissue manipulation). I also incorporate subtle modalities like ortho-bionomy, craniosacral therapy, Prana healing & Ayurveda. I attended Yoga Teacher Training at The Yoga Tree in SF and have gone on to study Classical yoga Nidra in depth.


I enjoy making my own herbal lotions and oils, which I use in each personalized session, as well as bath soaks and soaps, which are available for purchase.


My approach is multi-faceted and guided by my own personal journey healing from multiple broken bones and injuries, undergoing major abdominal surgery with scarring as well as living with a rare disease. The challenges I have faced have become my greatest gifts and led me to this path of service. 

I am passionate about massage, fully present during sessions and mindful that this is sacred work. I truly love what I do and the transformations I have witnessed are magical and humbling. The mysteries of the body keep me interested and engaged. 

My studies are varied and I would like to honor some  of the prestigious bodyworkers that have mentored me along the way: Myoskeletal Alignment Technique Erik Dalton (who trained with Ida Rolfl), Orthopedic massage and pain specialist James Waslaski, deep tissue guru Art Riggs, chiropractor Dr. Eric Rubin, rolfer Marty Morales, somatic therapist Paul Linn, ortho-bionomist Jim Berns, shiatsu practitioner Richard Seeber, ayurvedic practitioner Prashanti de Jager, Reiki master Claudia McGregor and trigger point therapist Mary Jenn.






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